Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pissed off at Forever 21? Vlog 7/7/12!

I'v gotten a lot of messages about how horrible I am for making this video and a lot of dislikes too. I really don't care about what you thinkj, because you weren't THERE and you didn't see it with your own eyes. Stop judging. I have my own personal obinions about stores and where I shop! I think this video got 16 veiws in an hour, which I know is pathetic, but that just shows how people can't understand other peoples opinions. Yes, I was being mean, but I was treated horribly, and I will always stand up for myself, no matter what the consquenses are. My parents don't seem to like.. Oh well! I hope you guys enjoy and thanks for watching!!! Love ya'll!


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